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Configuring database in CodeIgniter

To connect your application with the database, you need to set the database connection details in the database.php file. You can store more than one connection details in this file.


PHP for loop

A for loop is used to execute the program for a fixed number of times. For loop in PHP is similar to that in C, C++ or Java.


C# dynamic type

The dynamic type, introduced in C# 4.0, escapes type checking at the compile time. The dynamic keyword tells the compiler that the type of a variable is unknown or may change at runtime.


C# goto statement

The C# goto statement transfers the program control directly to a specified position or statement.

C# Multithreading 0

C# Multithreading

Multi-threading is the ability of CPU to execute small parts of a program (known as threads), simultaneously. Multitasking allows your program to perform more than one task at a time. It makes your program run faster.


C# Abstract class

An abstract is a type of class that cannot be instantiated. It only allows other classes to inherit from it. The purpose of an abstract class is to provide a common definition of a base class that all derived classes should share. In C#, an abstract class is declared using abstract keyword.


C# Interface

An Interface contains declarations of methods, properties, events etc that a class and structs can inherit. In C#, an interface is created using interface keyword.


C# Operators

In programming languages, an operator is a symbol that instructs the compiler to perform some operations.


Creating an infinite loop in C#

In programming, a loop is a set of statements that are executed until a given expression is evaluated to false. An infinite loop (or endless loop) is a loop that is executed endlessly.


C# do-while loop

The main difference between a while and do-while loop is that in a do-while loop, the statements in the loop will be executed at least once.