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How to print a web page using JavaScript

Sometimes we would like to print some important content on the web page via a printer. We can use the print() function of window object to print the contents of a web page.


12 ways to secure your WordPress site

WordPress is undisputedly the most popular content management system (CMS) for websites, with 59% of the CMS market share, WordPress powers 31% of the internet. This popularity makes WordPress favorite target for hackers.

How to create parallax scrolling effect 0

How to create parallax scrolling effect

Parallax scrolling is a design trend in which the background of the web page moves at a slower speed to it’s foreground while scrolling. Here’s an example of a web page with parallax scrolling effect.

How to create a Scroll To Top Button 0

How to create a Scroll To Top Button

A scroll to top button allows users to easily scroll back to top of the web page when clicked on the button. Adding a scroll to top button to your website can be a great way to allow your users to navigate, especially if you have long-scrolling pages.


Sending emails using PHP

The PHP mail() function is used to send emails from the script. This function has three mandatory parameters and two optional parameters.


Executing SELECT query using Java

In my previous articles about Java JDBC, I showed How to connect Java applications to MySQL. In this article, I will show you how to execute a SELECT query from your Java application.